Ready to unshackle your voice? Time to take your elixir!


This is the time to use your voice, to LOOSE your voice.

You with your story caught in your throat, on the edge of your lips, tingling your fingertips into sharper prints.

You who can’t wait a moment longer.

You who know that when you release you also receive. You who cannot abide the soulless surface chatter and long to drink from a deeper river.

It’s time. You turn to a blank page. You flex your fingers. You roll your shoulders back. And you begin…

I’m Jen Violi. Writer. Editor. Story Mentor.  

1038308804_jen-23 Author of Putting Makeup on Dead People, a finalist for the 2012 Oregon Book Awards and founder of Jen Violi: The Business.

I help writers unleash the stories they’re ready to tell.

That’s you.  And your story.  Are you ready?

I know that what you’re working on isn’t a product.  It’s a piece of your heart, a slice of your soul, and if you’re going to share that with someone else, that person better understand the depth of what you’re offering and handle it with care.  I do, and I will.